Wednesday 6 June 2007

Signature dinner

The food was delicious,
the company delightful,
the pots...
The chef, Touru Hashimoto, and I discussed the designs in February, coming up with an outline for the full course. It was then up to me to create a range of vessels developed from those designs. At the meal Touru then brought the pots to life with his culinary expertise.

Touru is the fifth generation chef at "Kappo Toyoda" restaurant in Nihombashi. He has been preparing the food for my opening party at Ebiya every year since 1993, when he returned from Germany where he had been head chef at the Japanese embassy.
This years signature dinner was our second, and we focussed on the potential of simple forms this time. Without adding anything to the thrown forms I altered their shapes by bending their rims or cutting them. Sometime pots were used "upside down". Touru also demonstrated the possiblities of the forms by using them in different ways each evening.
It was a culinary adventure!

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