Tuesday 12 June 2007


After a very hectic period, a great deal of which was far afield, I am at last where I should be. Home. The lawns that were neglected are little by little being brought under control. The ivy is spreading across the retaining wall and the sign board proclaims that this is "Euans Kiln".

From the front veranda I can see the wild pheasants scratching in the fresh cut grass in the garden just beyond the persimmon tree. If only I had a zoom lens!

In the shade of the persimmon the spearmint is thriving. Canaan, who is now seven, and I pick a bunch of the fresh young sprigs and we make mint sauce together.
Two spoons of chopped mint, three of sugar, four of vinegar. He mixes it for me, just as I used to for Mum when I was a lad.

The leg of lamb that I bought in Tokyo has been in the oven for three and a half hours, nice and slow at 160c. While it rests I add plain flour to the baking juices, mix it thoroughly then add the stock from cooking the pumpkin and some milk. Simmered over a low flame, stirring all the time, it makes the best gravy! The smell of lamb and mint permeate the house, mouths are watering. Served on the black glazed plates, meat and three vegies, my family surrounding the table.

This is where I should be, this is where I am. Home.

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