Thursday 21 June 2007

A Spot of Gardening

We have been working in the garden when time allows, and this year we're looking forward to a healthy harvest. It has taken us years to fight back the veritable jungle that was the garden when we moved here. Years of neglect had let the bamboo and weeds run rampant. The road is still long, but there is light enough at the end of the tunnel to grow a kitchen garden plot. There is a mixture of herbs and vegetables, mainly things which I like to use often. Herbs particularly are hard to get fresh here, so growing them yourself is the best option. The basil which I got as a seedling is looking very lush.

I also planted a row of basil seeds for later in the summer. They are just showing their heads today, and there should be enough basil for lashings of pesto.

Of course no feast of pasta wood be complete without tomatoes. They are still green and getting bigger by the day. We will let them ripen on the vine, giving them time to develop the rich flavours that shop bought tomatoes just never seem to have.

The capsicums are coming along too, we've planted three varieties. Small green capsicums are cheap in the supermarket, but large red or yellow ones are a bit of a luxury.

Cucumbers are one of Mika's favourite summer vegetables, and even at this stage, with the flower still attached, they could be used as a garnish. I think we'll wait until they get a bit bigger though, and make a real meal of it!

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