Thursday 31 May 2007


Night brings a different feeling to Ebiya Gallery.

I've made a new series of lamps for this show, a venture into the interior world. The light spilling from lampshades mouth is counterpointed by the glow radiating from the transluscent porcelain of the shade itself. The cast metal bases and the antique furniture give the display an "Olde Worlde" feel.

Displayed around and beneath the lamps, the functional ware shines and sparkles, reflecting the light from the naturally glazed surface.

Passers by will stop and admire the display, hopefully come back in the daytime when the gallery is open. They don't realise that inside the gallery, stretched out on a futon in the tea room, I read a book by lamplight, awaiting sleep.


  1. おおっ!いい雰囲気ですね。


  2. Thankyou 三日月
    I'll be careful to lock the doors on the full moon!