Thursday 15 May 2008

SPACE; The Final Frontier

Alas, the shelves are full. There is no room for another tea bowl or sake cup. I take this as a message from destiny that it is time to stop making. The last three days have been my final making spurt. With my Ebiya exhibition I always strive to keep making up until the death knock, because for me it is a chance to share with people my newest work. An exhibition isn't just a sale, it is an opportunity to put out my best work. Assuming that I am always learning and growing, then now is my best time and these are my best works. I have of course selected a body of work already, which are numbered and boxed ready to go, but I hope the best work will come from the last firing.

On monday I put handles on all of the pitchers, which are now dry, ready to glaze. The position of the point where the handle springs from the pot changes depending on the size of the pot. The smaller pitcher has the handle spring from the lip, giving enough space to hold the handle comfortably. The larger pitchers have the handle come from below the rim, which changes the centre of gravity making them easier to pour. I'm looking forward to getting them out of the kiln next week.

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