Sunday 18 May 2008

New Goblets

Each year my wine goblets evolve. Miyake san at Ebiya Gallery has been collecting them since my first exhibition, so this year I have made them with an ebi on them. Ebi is the japanese word for the prawn/lobster/shrimp family, and for some reason which is lost in the annals of history the Miyake sans gallery "Ebiya" translates as "Prawn vender".

I have made the bodies more enclosed this year, and added a change of direction in the stem.

The body is turned first, effectively the same as a Yunomi, but with a very narrow foot.

A texture is marked with a needle tool.

Then a small amount of water is spread on the surface.

The stems, which have been thrown like a small bottle, are dipped just on the rim in water then attached to the body which is still on the wheel.

The bottom of the stem is then cut out.

Chattering is the last step on the wheel.

After I stamp them with my logo and the mouse, I mark them with a roulette in a curve around the body.

Every line should have a start and an end, so I confirm the start with a pegging tool.

The end of the line is the "Ebi", swimming around the side of the pot.

I do hope Miyake san is pleased!

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