Thursday 1 October 2009

Dinner and a Show

The curtain is up! My exhibition at Mitsukoshi Department store started yesterday, as did the "Euan Kaiseki" course at Kappo Toyoda. It has been a very hard schedule to make up time after the fever, but it all worked out and opened successfully!

This is my first exhibition at Mitsukoshi, which is the oldest and most prestigious department store in Japan. I am very pleased with the display, the staff have been fantastic and their advice has been invaluable.

The full course "Kaiseki" menu at Toyoda is amazing (as always)! This really is the culmination of years of collaboration between Hashimoto san and I, and the new works come to life with the cuisine. The pinnacle must be this "Usuzukuri" sashimi plate with chattering and a celadon glaze. The interaction between the lace like translucency of the sashimi and the chattering is just magic.

Vessels for Entertaining
September 30~October 20, 2009
10:00 am~7:00 pm daily
Mitsukoshi Department Store
Nihombashi Honten (Head Office)
5F Remix Style Gallery
Nihombashi, Tokyo

"Euan Kaiseki"
September 30~October 20, 2009
Kappo Toyoda
1-12-3 Muro Machi, Nihombashi, Tokyo
5:00~10:00 pm daily
(closed Sundays and public holidays)
10,500 Yen per person

Demonstration & Talk show with
Hashimoto Touru and Euan Craig;
Remix Style Gallery
October 10,
2:00~2:30 pm

There are more than 400 pieces in the exhibition, and 200 being used by the restaurant.On the 10th Master Chef Touru Hashimoto will be demonstrating serving techniques with my vessels while we discuss the Japanese food and vessel relationship. I will be at the gallery on the 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th and 20th of October. If you have time and are in the area, by all means drop by for a look or indulge in a fantastic meal!


  1. beautiful, simply beautiful.

  2. congrats it all looks great, hope the food is just as good as your pots!.......

  3. excellent your work! and nice picture, you accomplished a lot.

  4. Lovely pots and lovely food, Euan. What a great opportunity. Wish we could get there from Cape Cod.

  5. just beautiful - wonderful pots and incredible food - I, too wish I could get there!

  6. How exciting--so many new pieces! I love the "Usuzukuri" sashimi plate--it is magical. Congratulations. Gay Judson

  7. Congratulations Euan, It looks absolutely beautiful. The sashimi plate is magnificent.

  8. Thanks everybody,
    The exhibition is going very well, the demonstrations were a huge success and the meal, well what can I say. They had so many bookings last Saturday they came and borrowed extra plates and bowls! It has been a fantastic event so far, and there's only one week left. It has also been a great educational experience for me, and I have learnt a great deal which I will put to good effect in future events.