Friday 6 April 2007

Good Friday

Easter isn't a big event in Japan. Not such a big issue if it's just you and the missus, but if you're trying to raise children with the best of both cultures, what do you do? If there are no hot cross buns to be found within a thousand miles, then you make them yourself. No recipe? Invent one.

1.5 teaspoons of dry yeast
5 dessert spoons of sugar
400 grams of bakers flour
1.5 teaspoons of salt
40 grams of butter
1 teaspoon of mixed spice (my own blend of course, unavailable over the counter here!)
150 grams of raisins
30 grams of walnuts
280 millilitres of tepid water

Knead the lot together for 10 minutes (being a potter helps!), leave it covered with a damp cloth in a warm place to rise for an hour. Divide it into 12 peices and ball them up. Arrange these on a greased baking tray and leave covered as before to rise for another half hour.
Brush with beaten egg then drizzle crosses accross them with a mixture of flour and water.
Bake for twenty minutes at 200 degrees centigrade.

I made five dozen yesterday, the kids loved them.
There's no chocolate eggs in the supermarket either.
What shall the easter bunny do?!
Just wait till Sunday!

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