Saturday, 7 April 2007


It is still cold in the mornings, so the day starts by lighting the woodstove. Standing at the stone bench in the kitchen by the early morning light I grind the coffee. The fragrance fills the room as the espresso brews. I foam the milk, add the coffee and sprinkle the top with cocoa.
Ah, cappucino...
It's even better that I get to use my own cups. A chance to hold them, drink from them, enjoy them. Of my two designs I choose the newer curved design, giving Mika my traditional design. The shape is softer and more feminine than my regular mugs. Their position in the kiln has given them subtler colours and smoky carbon effects. The balance is comfortable in my hand as I raise the cup to my lips, my left hand gently touching the chattered texture beneath its curved hip. I drink.
Ah, Cappucino!

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  1. These mugs are fantastic I love the detail around the handles.