Thursday 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

Christmas has come once again, reminding us how important our family and loved ones are to us. This December we have spent a great deal of time going to doctors for Sean (4), who has been fighting pneumonia. Last week he was given a clear bill of health, only to have been diagnosed with Influenza today. We are praying that Santa Claus will bring him a quick recovery.

In the time between I have been trying to fill orders and have managed to deliver them in time for Christmas. Of course the kiln can't be fired unless it is completely full, so to fill the kiln I made these 300 beer cups as well as the orders.

Japan is not just the land of the rising sun, but also of the frequent earthquakes. Last Friday, just when the firing finished and the pots were still hot and sticky inside the kiln, we had two fairly large earthquakes here (the epicentre was the other side of Tokyo, but it was still significant here!). So, I waited with baited breath for the next few days for the kiln to cool enough to unpack it and assess the damage.

Thankfully we only lost two shelves of pots, and the four stacks supported each other in the kiln and the ash and glaze was just sticky enough to hold it all together! Stability is always an issue when I am designing my work, and I'm pleased to say that not a single cup in the whole kiln actually fell over!
In a situation like this it is important to remove as many pots as you can from the kiln before you disturb the shelves, just in case it all comes crashing down!

So, I am grateful for all my blessings, hopeful for a bright new year, and I pray for the health and happiness of all those I love.

I wish you all a blessed Christmas.


  1. Potters often complain about the weather when firing but I've never heard about a post firing earthquake! Wow! I'm glad it all turned out well. Love the beer cups. I hope Sean recovers quickly. Best, Ron

  2. The same to you, Euan. And congratulations on surviving the quake. Two shelves lost doesn't seem like much, considering.

  3. i guess an earthquake adds a bit of unneeded excitement to a firing. great beer cups. happy new year.

  4. Thanks Guys,
    It's actually the third time I've had an earthquake during or immediately after a firing, and it could have been MUCH worse. I'm counting my blessings! I've also been testing the beer cups...and they work just fine. Cheers!

  5. We hope Sean is much better by now so that he can run around in the snow chasing those gorgeous 'furry' chickens you guys keep out back by the kiln.
    As for the earth moving before unloading, definitely another great reason to enjoy some ruby red:), a lot of it. Love the fotos and glad not much was altered by the quake. You do live a life worth living.

  6. Hi Renee,
    Yes Sean is much better, we managed to avoid anybody else in the family catch the flu as well!

    Thank you most of all for the best compliment I could imagine; To live a life worth living.

  7. Some interesting thoughts here great art- Merry Xmas