Tuesday 3 November 2009

Mashiko Workshop with Ikuzo Fujiwara

Fourteen potters, artists and art educators gathered last weekend in mashiko for the tenth World Art Educators Workshop. Fujiwara Ikuzo, the premiere mural and architectural potter of Japan was the presenter of the workshop, and played host to us in his own studio here in Mashiko. It was a brilliant experience for everyone, and far more than I can put into words here (particularly considering I am writing this during the Mashiko Pottery Festival...no rest for the wicked!)

For me personally it was a chance to understand the philosophical and religious basis for his sculptural work. Translating and interpreting depends on my understanding the original expression, then re-expressing it so that others can understand it. As Leonardo Da Vinci said; If you can't explain it, you don't understand it. Hopefully, everyone came away with a greater understanding of Fujiwara san and the Japanese culture.


  1. excellent lil fillum, thanks for that..

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  3. Enjoyed your garden to table description of your daughter. I came across you and your site and am floored by the amount of work you create and touched by your descriptions of the important moments that ensue from earth to table. I live in Western,Mass. USA and grow my own food and handbuild my own pots. I was in last months ceramics monthly( studio visits) and am currently wading through hotel bookings throughout Japan for a family splurge. If you have any suggestions about ryokans in your neighborhood I would be intensely grateful. Traveling with my husband and two daughters 11 &13 years old and starting to get freaked out by the prices.