Tuesday 31 March 2009

The Word about Pottery and Food in Japan

Over the last few years my collaborations with chefs has raised a lot of interest in the ceramics community both here in Japan and overseas. My greatest ally in these endeavours has of course been Touru Hashimoto from Toyoda in Nihombashi. I have gained invaluable insight into Japanese cuisine and culinary aesthetics through our friendship and have been able to share some of those experiences with many people all over the world. It also seems to have opened a few eyes here in Japan.

I received a copy of "The Four Seasons of Japanese Cuisine" (Nihon ryouri no shiki) which was officially released today. The monthly magazine for professional Japanese chefs produces this annual book every Spring. In this Issue, No.40, there is a five page article on Hashimoto san and my collaboration. It seems that this kind of collaboration has never been done before.
They came here to my pottery to do the interview with us, and the article is fantastic. If not before, then most certainly now, my work has been accepted by the professional Japanese culinary community. Hooray!

Also today the Nikkei BP website has launched the first half of a two part documentary on me and my work as part of a series entitled "Foreigners who inherit the Japanese Tradition" (Nihon no dentou wo tsugu gaikokujintachi).

I will always be Australian, but there is a commonality between human values that transcends nationality. I believe it is that common ground underlying traditional cultures that the Japanese community is recognising in my work now. Regardless of my country of birth, this is my home.

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