Saturday 22 September 2007


Hooray! The kilns are finished.

This morning it was all still looking like a construction site, forklift and pallettes of bricks scattered willy nilly.

By lunch time the arch was up, and by afternoon tea the chimney frame and the last brickwork was completed.
We finished it off with a rendering of fire clay.
Kusakabe sans kiln needed the door and the chimney to be finished.
The last job of the day was stabilizing his 6 metre chimney.

Kusakabe and I are exhausted, but it's been a very fulfilling week.

Our thanks go out to everyone who supported the Kiln building workshop, and look forward to firing with you at "Fantastic Fire".


  1. Euan,
    I was impressed by your remarkable website, studio & your work...As well as the by fact you're a remarkable Aussie potter in Mashiko!

    Kusakabe-sensei is my friend too. I have visited with him a few times in the past. Both in Miharu & here in Calif. I would enjoy the opportunity to meet you, tho I am not a potter nor a collector...just a curious kinda guy!

    Is it possible I can make a brief visit on a day early in November, when I will have a few free days in Japan? I leave Berkeley, Ca. this Thurs, 25 Oct and will be traveling with my wife-who is now there and has made her plans, for the first part of my trip.

    I expect to have free days 2-7 Nov, for MY OWN travel plans. I'll have railpass. I also hope to be able to see Kusakabe, and am emailing him now. If I do not hear from you, I'll attempt to contact you through Masakazu.

    regards, Hercules D. Morphopoulos

  2. Dear Hercules,
    Thank you for contacting me.
    I've just come back home from a pottery festival in Miyagi prefecture in which Kusakabe san also participated, and our wood firing workshop starts here in Mashiko on Thursday. You are of course very welcome to come and visit us here, but I will be at the Mashiko pottery festival for the 1st to 5th of November. If you are interested in pottery and potters, that is the best time to visit as there will be 600 potters out displaying their ware. I'm not sure what Masakazu is doing at that time, but he might even be there. If you need more information to get here, please let me know.
    Hope to see you then,