Friday 10 August 2007

Hot Mugs

Finally fired the mugs on wednesday!
Firing a wood kiln in midsummer is exhausting, even for me. 33 degrees in the shade, and the only shade is near the kiln, which is 1300 degrees. The biggest danger is dehydration, although heat exhaustion comes a close second.

It's not long before you're saturated with persperation, hoping for a breeze. Once again Sean keeping an eye on things.

Luckily there's a bath tub full of cool water to chill out in if your small enough. Unfortunately Daddy isn't.

Today I unpacked the kiln and lined the pots out on the lawn. Excellent pink and orange flashing on many of them, beautiful grey carbon trapping on others.

But best of all the long awaited mugs. I know that many people have been waiting for them, and they have come out perfect. We'll just give them time to cool down before we fill them with beer, shall we?

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